Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elianto Nose Shaper Brush

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Website description:

Get appearance of a slimmer nose with this! Apply colour along sides of nose brushing downwards over the nostril area and tip. Skip the nose's bony ridge as this will be highlighted against the contoured areas.


  • Versatile. It was originally designed to be a nose shader brush; but this works more as a crease brush especially for small eyes. You can also use this brush to deposit color on the hollows of the crease.
  • Cheap. Retails for about Php 170


It sheds most of the time

Is it needed or nice to have?

I personally think that you need it

Will I repurchase?


Rating: 4/5. (I could have given it a five if not for the shedding)


  1. where did u get this? i need another back up :D

  2. wala na elianto dito u still using this ba?

    buy ko na lang :D

  3. sis, try mo yung similar brush ng artnet. you can buy it sa kryolan shop :)