Sunday, January 31, 2010

Suesh 21 Piece Brush Set

I finally got my Suesh Brushes. I got it from the Australian School in Podium. I was supposed to visit the Suesh store in Greenhills but since I was in Megamall yesterday, i just decided to purchase this set in Podium instead.

I could have gotten it at a discounted price had I placed my order together with my classmates in LCI, but during that time I prioritized my MAC foundies.

This brush set was recommended by my mentor Thirdie (RB's no. 1 student), so I finally decided to get one for myself.

Etude House Duo Fibre Cheek Brush

I finally got mine. I had it reserved because it was out of stock last month. I received a text yesterday. The text indicated that the brush was ready for pick-up. And yes, they do call their customers "princess", regardless of their gender :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sansan Pressed Powder Haul

I first discovered Sansan Pressed Powders when I joined Game Ka Na Ba in 2005. This was used to set the VOV foundation used on me. Amazingly it looked good :)

I love Sansan Pressed Powders. It offers good coverage and it's very affordable. I'm personally using shade 3. Yeah, it smells like Chin Chun Su but surprisingly I don't break out when I use it.

I passed by HBC earlier today and I bought 3 pressed powders - shades 2,3 and 6 respectively. I already have shade 1 which i use for highlighting. Shade 2 is the medium shade and shade 3 is the darkest shade. Shade 6 is the pink shade (just in case I encounter someone with pink undertones).

They usually retail for Php 90 but I got each for Php 80. Not bad :)

These will serve as my alternatives for my Fanny Serrano two way foundies. Moreover this is ideal for makeup artists who deal with clients on a budget.

Illusive In2it Brow Colour

People from girltalk and makeup school were raving about it. I've searched far and wide for this illusive product. I've been to Megamall, Trinoma, SM Cubao, SM Makati and several Watsons stores around the Metro. I almost gave up on this one.

I went to SM Taytay earlier today to buy some gifts to my favorite highschool teacher, Mrs. Delia Cerda. I passed by the Department Store area and lo and behold - i saw five pieces of this product in stock.

I purchased one and got the Nichido eyeliner in medium brown as well.

Lady Luck is on my side *winks*

Eyebrow Practice and Eyebrow Arsenal

Ellen's brows before

close up

Ellen's brows after (without flash)

Ellen's brows after (with flash)

what i used:

My mom told me once that perfect eyebrows are the trademark of a good make-up artist. Unfortunately, eyebrows are my waterloo.

So with the help of my dear friend Ellen, I practiced on her brows. She was the perfect candidate because hers is quite peculiar. It's short and it doesn't have a tail.

Thanks Ellen, until our next practice :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Product Review: Lumene Mineral Makeup (with Swatches)

freshly applied

after one hour

As per requested :)

Lumene is a Nordic product. It's from Finland, just like Nokia.

nice coverage
this is mineral makeup, so this should not cause breakouts

even the supposed yellow tones are pinkish
stocks. i just got this from a thrift shop and the stash were running out as of press time

Will I buy again? Yes. the number two tone to complete my collection :)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Lumene Mineral Makeup Haul

I passed by US Lifestyle, my favorite store in Fairmart Cubao, earlier today. I got these babies for Php 99 each.

Lumene is a Nordic brand. It hails from Finland.

I got the lightest, medium and darkest shade. They are cream beige, perfect beige and caramel beige respectively

I also got a pink shade (peach beige) upon my teacher's suggestion. I will use this in the event that i have to use a Caucasian face as a canvass.Now I am lemming for Fanny Serrano two way foundie in Satin hehehe.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Artistic Makeup: Day 2 (The Pictures)

Me with my model, Elli.

The 10 Day MBA

My mom has been pushing me to enroll in an MBA program. I actually downloaded the application form from UP but decided to enroll at LCI's artistic makeup course instead.

I purchased this book instead: Steven Silbiger's "The 10-Day MBA". It retails for Php 455 but in India its just Rs 175 (considering the fact that the conversion is just 1:1 for Philippine Peso to Indian Rupee).

I'll settle with the book as of the meantime. I hope it's not boring. I am more of an auditory learner so I really struggle reading for long hours. I am looking forward to learn a lot from this material. I hope it's worth every penny :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buying Spree

As you may have observed, I kept on posting about my recent purchases. These were the things needed in make-up school.

I started collecting make-up last October. Looking back, i realized that I should have started buying the medium range to high end items instead. Right now, i discarded about 40% of the make-up I purchased simply because they were not at par with beauty school standards. Moreover, it's better to invest on make-up so that you won't end up wasting your money.

For make-up enthusiats on a budget I strongly suggest that you check the following:

Fanny Serrano two way cake foundies
Fanny Serrano brow powder
Fanny Serrano gel liner
Fashion 21 Color Mood lipsticks
Fashion 21 Stick Concealers
Nichido loose powder
Nichido eyeliners
Ever Bilena 24 color e/s palette
Ever Bilena blushes
Maybelline lengthening and volumizing mascara
Sansan pressed powders

For liquid foundations, buy MAC, Revlon, L'Oreal or Art Deco (while they're still here in the Philippines)

Believe me, you'll thank me for posting this *winks*

Pre Loved MAC Haul

Errata: My first MAC purchase can't be considered a haul, let's just call it a mini haul :)

RB offered some used MAC items and we jumped right on it just like hungry hyenas :p

I got 6 MAC lip lacquers and 1 Art Deco gloss for php 1000. I also got the MAC Prep and Prime (unused) for Php 200.

Reorganizing Coco

I had to remove some make-up items from Coco to make way for more important (and modesty aside, more expensive) items. The ones I removed will be used for practice or pro bono shoots I'll do for friends :)

The segregated ones were placed inside my two Ever Bilena hot pink pouches, which I got for free when I purchased the blushes and eyeshadow palette.