Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sansan Pressed Powder Haul

I first discovered Sansan Pressed Powders when I joined Game Ka Na Ba in 2005. This was used to set the VOV foundation used on me. Amazingly it looked good :)

I love Sansan Pressed Powders. It offers good coverage and it's very affordable. I'm personally using shade 3. Yeah, it smells like Chin Chun Su but surprisingly I don't break out when I use it.

I passed by HBC earlier today and I bought 3 pressed powders - shades 2,3 and 6 respectively. I already have shade 1 which i use for highlighting. Shade 2 is the medium shade and shade 3 is the darkest shade. Shade 6 is the pink shade (just in case I encounter someone with pink undertones).

They usually retail for Php 90 but I got each for Php 80. Not bad :)

These will serve as my alternatives for my Fanny Serrano two way foundies. Moreover this is ideal for makeup artists who deal with clients on a budget.