Friday, October 12, 2012

Paying It Forward

Aside from being a make-up artist, I used to be a Senior Executive Trainer for a BPO company for the longest time.

Currently,  I work as a New Hire Mentor for ADP Philippines.

I love ADP. They really put premium on their people. They give their employees what they deserve. They acknowledge their people's talents and remunerate them accordingly.

I never had to worry again about delayed salaries nor salary disputes nor bell -curved appraisals. They offered subsidized gym membership and they even paid for my three HMO dependents.

ADP even sent me to the United States for a two week training. Of all the good things ADP has given me for the past year, I feel that it's high time to give back:

In observance of Breast Cancer awareness month, I'll be giving a free Professional Make-up Artist Workshop to ADP employees on October 27.  I am really excited because I will do two things I love the most - training and make-up.

Should you want to pursue a career with ADP, feel free to send your resumes to

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