Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying the Korean look

I've been hooked on Korean look lately. Yeah I'm a late bloomer and I must say, it made me appreciate the wonders of eye lining more.

Korean make-up in my honest opinion is about fresh,dewy, flawless skin. It emphasizes on the eyes. What I appreciate the most is that they tend to make it look as simple as possible - meaning minimal contouring in the face and the eyes. The look may look simple but believe me it takes a lot of steps to make it appear such.

My sister wanted a Korean look and here's my take on it.

On face:

Revlon Custom Creation in Medium
Fashion 21 powder foundation with papaya shade #2
Smashbox blush/highlighter duo in Cast/Crew

On eyes:
4u2 Classic Palette (camel shade for the lid up to the crease)
Lancome quad palette (highlight)
Fanny Serrano gel eyeliner
Maybelline volumizing mascara
Fashion 21 white eyeliner
MAC Girlboy brow set

On lips:
MAC Peachstock
Aido lipstick #6


  1. I'm not into Kpop or Kdrama, but I'm definitely into K-makeup! I think you're totally right about the simple and clean look that Korean makeup tries to achieve - it's a lot harder than it looks. You nailed it perfectly though! :D

  2. I'm a late bloomer too, but that's alright atleast we bloomed :D anyway, I love your make up, simple yet pretty. ^^

  3. Dee and Athena: Thanks a lot ladies :)