Friday, July 1, 2011

Airtech Pro II Airbrush System

Description from the seller:

AirTechPro II Airbrush System is an air-operated tool that sprays fine mists so makeup will settle evenly on your skin. Makeup can be done in 2-3 minutes!

AirTechPro II Airbrush System will help you achieve flawless, natural-looking, high-definition but lightweight feel of makeup on your face... for hours without retouching! It's like applying makeup like a PRO!

AirTechProII Airbrush System is NOT limited to any brand or formula of airbrush makeup. We know that everyone has different skin types and skin has different reactions to different products and formulas. With AirTechPro Airbrush System, you can use ANY silicone-based or water-based airbrush makeup brand of your choice!

Say goodbye to sponges and dirty makeup brushes! Hello AirTechPro!
Are you ready for airbrush? Get your own system now!

AirTechPro II Airbrush Set Inclusions:
-1 compressor
-1 airbrush gun set*
-1 power adapter
-1 hose
-1 instructions manual
-1 warranty card
PRICE: 6,500 for the whole set

Airbrush Gun Specs:
- Nozzle size:0.3mm (perfect nozzle size for makeup)
- Cup capacity:2cc
- Pressure: 15 PSI
- Air output per minute:15L/min
- 1 Gun, Dropper, disassembling Tool and Case
- NOTE: These high-quality airbrush guns are similar to quality as high-end guns of well-known US, European and Taiwanese brands, since they are from the same manufacturer.

AirTechPro II Compressor Specs:
- Voltage: 220Volts
- Current: less than 800MA
- Power: 9W
- Pressure: 15PSI
- More than 13L/min Continuous Air Output
- Very advanced Non-cylinder and non-oil type design w/ no maintenance
- lightweight & portable at only 0.65grams (less than 1kg)
- Ajustable air pressue (Low, Mid, Hi)
- Built-In Airbrush holder
-Sold with set only
I'm enjoying this set. It takes practice to perfect the strokes.

Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes permanent!

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