Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sigma F50 Brush

The Sigma F50 brush, otherwise known as SS187, is a good stippling brush. I don't have the MAC 187 brush so I can't tell yet if it's a good dupe.

What I like:
  • long, sturdy handle
  • soft bristles. No scratchy sensation whatsoever during my first use
  • cheaper compared to the MAC187
What I don't like:
  • it sheds. It has shed around 6 fibers during the first time I've used it to put foundation on
  • it bleeds. I washed it and unfortunately it bleeds :(
  • availability. I had to purchase it from an online seller
Is it needed or nice to have?
It's needed for make-up artists who would like to achieve airbrush like finish

Will I repurchase?
No. I have my eyes on ELF Studio Line Stippling Brush

4 out of 5

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