Sunday, January 31, 2010

Suesh 21 Piece Brush Set

I finally got my Suesh Brushes. I got it from the Australian School in Podium. I was supposed to visit the Suesh store in Greenhills but since I was in Megamall yesterday, i just decided to purchase this set in Podium instead.

I could have gotten it at a discounted price had I placed my order together with my classmates in LCI, but during that time I prioritized my MAC foundies.

This brush set was recommended by my mentor Thirdie (RB's no. 1 student), so I finally decided to get one for myself.


  1. ooh you went to the Australian School, I met with Dyna yesterday (the instructor i think) I asked about their course hehe their makeup course teaches the basic stuff, airbrush, special effects and the whole shebang! kaso a bit pricey hehe

  2. oo nga, i've heard six figures yata ang tuition!

  3. lovin yer bloggg! fiercenesssssss