Sunday, January 3, 2010

E/S Review: Saizen Eyeshadow Palette number 14

my humble beginnings. i never knew crease and blending brushes existed then :p
used the violet e/s from the blue palette

I started taking make-up seriously last October 2009. Since then, I started buying cheap make-up for practice with the addition of some expensive items, such as a lancome bronzer, clinique blush and e/s, mostly given by my trainees (ah, the perks of being a well loved trainer – hehe)

My friend and badminton buddy, Nhey Joves, gave me some of her make-up. It included two Japanese e/s palettes that I really adored. Yes, they were already used, but the pigmentation was superb! She gave me two palettes – of green and blue gradiations and I used it for some of the looks I posted in my blog.

I went to Saizen earlier and found the same eyeshadow palette Nhey gave me. My heart leaped. No, I hyperventilated when I stumbled upon this lovely baby – hehehe.

Got this one for 85 pesos. Win. Winner. Winnest

inexpensive (Php 85)
long lasting
highly pigmented
bang for buck product!

more colors please!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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