Saturday, January 23, 2010

Artistic Makeup: Day 2

Yesterday was our second day at LCI. RB was joined by her number 1 student, Thirdie (gosh, I forgot the name)

We learned a lot -organizing the beauty ammunitions (hehehe), parts of the face and eyes, prepping the face, skin and foundation types and finally, perfect eyebrows.

The eyebrow part was kinda frustrating. I must admit this is my waterloo and i really took time to practice earlier today. I need to trim my brows for practice hehehe.

I forgot to bring my camera so I had to rely to the ever gorgeous and generous Pinky Manalac. Thanks sweetie. Besos.

I also got some used MAC Lacquers from RB. Seven lacquers for Php 1000. I also got an unused MAC Prep and Prime for Php 200. Not bad :)

I'll post the pics once I receive it from Pinky :)


  1. Ohh so thats who he was hehe I was wondering. Wee Saturday first evaluation, i need more eyebrows to practice on haha

  2. i love what you did to me. :)