Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Mini Saizen Haul

I went to Robinson's Galleria this afternoon to pick-up my vanity case (i'll create a separate post for it) I purchased from Legally Vain (

I visited the Japanese store Saizen (thanks to my fellow girltalkers hehehe) and purchased the following: the famous charcoal mask, white rubber cufflinks and finally the eyeshadow palette (i'll make a review for it, dont worry)

Charcoal Mask. Girltalkers are raving about it. Most of them are hoarding it. Don't worry sissies, a lot are still in stock ;)

White Rubber Cufflinks. Cufflinks are worn if you have dress shirts with french cuffs. Since I have a lot in white, I opted for the white one. Makes perfect sense :p

Eyeshadow Palette. My heart leaped when I found it. I never thought I'll find it here in the Philippines. Happy, happy, happy!!

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