Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eyebrow Practice and Eyebrow Arsenal

Ellen's brows before

close up

Ellen's brows after (without flash)

Ellen's brows after (with flash)

what i used:

My mom told me once that perfect eyebrows are the trademark of a good make-up artist. Unfortunately, eyebrows are my waterloo.

So with the help of my dear friend Ellen, I practiced on her brows. She was the perfect candidate because hers is quite peculiar. It's short and it doesn't have a tail.

Thanks Ellen, until our next practice :)


  1. Practice to the max tayong lahat!! I just re-did mine hahha

  2. you did a great job doing her brows.. I really do think practice makes perfect.. and I think we're on the same page, my friends once told me i had the perfect pairs but can't apply to others, I believe eyebrows are the most diff part of the face to do kaya ive been practicing with lots of people.. hehhe... and bdw, I use the same products,,, ^^